Shaft Collars: Application Training

Want to learn a little more about Shaft Collars?

View the following presentation outlining the different shaft collar types, materials used, and applications shaft collars are commonly found in.

Rigid Couplings: Application Training

Want to learn a little more about Rigid Couplings?

View the following presentation outlining the different rigid coupling types, materials used, and applications rigid couplings are commonly found in.

Keyless Locking Devices: Application Training

Want to learn a little more about Keyless Locking Devices?

View the following presentation outlining what a Keyless Locking Device is, how it works, and how a KLD can provide the solution for your toughest problem.

KLD Installation & Removal Instructions – Printable Versions

Climax KLDs are packaged with Installation & Removal Instructions but sometimes those instructions are misplaced. The links below provide a printable version for your use. For additional KLD questions, contact us at 1-800-542-6552 and ask to speak with a KLD Specialist.

C192-Series Locking Assembly

C193-Series Locking Assembly

C133-Series  or C123-Series Locking Assembly

C200-Series Locking Assembly

C170-Series Locking Assembly

C405-Series Locking Assembly

C415-Series Locking Assembly

C425-Series Locking Assembly

C801-Series Locking Assembly

C733-Series or C732-Series Shrink Disc

C600-Series Keyless Rigid Coupling

Keyless Locking Devices Engineering Guide

Climax Keyless Locking Devices are used in a variety of applications. Our Engineering Capability brochure indicates several situations where a KLD is ideal. For questions regarding our Keyless Locking Devices contact Climax Customer Service at 1-800-542-6552.

To read more how Climax Metal Products can provide you solutions click on the following link:

Engineering Capability Guide

Keyless Locking Devices Split & Half Shrink Discs

Climax stocks full shrink discs and split/half inner rings for both standard duty (C733M) and heavy duty (C732M) series in diameters up to 300mm, allowing Climax to assemble and ship different configurations from stock to suit your application needs. KLD Engineers can be reached at 1-800-542-6552 to assist with all your keyless locking device needs.

To read more about this unique offering click on the link below:

Split & Half Shrink Discs

About Us

About Us

Since 1946, Climax Metal Products Company has grown into the leading source for engineered shaft locking solutions by providing outstanding customer service. Climax Shaft Collars, Rigid Couplings, and Keyless Locking Devices are manufactured with unsurpassed quality and stocked by distributors throughout North America.

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