Large Bore Couplings Provide Solution for Line Shaft Timber Applications

Large Bore Couplings Popular for Sawmills:
Bore Sizes 1-15/16”, 2-7/16”, 2-15/16”, 3-7/16”, 3 15/16”, 4 7/16”

Climax large bore shaft couplings provide a higher strength alternative over antiquated traditional approaches in timbering applications while transmitting higher loads necessary for line shafts.

From initial harvesting to final product, machinery used in forestry (sawmill) applications is constantly subjected to some of the harshest environments and strenuous loads for which an engineer can design.

The true workhorse of the coupling family, rigid couplings can be used in many line shaft applications in the timber industry.

Climax’s state of the art facility, located in Mentor, Ohio, manufactures couplings with up to a 5” bore, with the capability to go larger depending on the application. Climax also offers a comprehensive line of rigid couplings in set-screw, one-piece, and two-piece styles, with or without a keyway, and balanced couplings, which produce less vibration resulting in decreased wear and tear on expensive components.

Climax Two-piece Clamping Couplings transmit higher loads than antiquated cast iron couplings in a lighter and smaller envelope. In addition, two-piece couplings provide easy installation and removal, allowing access to components on line shafting without tearing down the complete line. Climax has the ability to manufacture made-to-spec products to fit your application requirements, including the use of various grades of steel, stainless, and aluminum, with an assortment of coatings for additional corrosion protection. Our team of friendly engineers can help customize a coupling suitable for your application manufactured in-house, allowing for quick turn-around therefore, limiting downtime in your production process.

Contact Climax to see how we can provide a quality engineered shaft locking solution. View our complete offering of Large Bore Couplings here.

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