Shaft Collars Used as Locators in Automated Packaging Systems

Shaft collars are used on a shaft primarily in 3 general categories: Positioners, Spacers, and Limiters.  Functioning as locators in automated packaging systems, shaft collars position components in place or work as mechanical stops providing axial holding power for automated packaging systems. Click on the image to read more.

Corrosion Resistant Shaft Collars Provide a Solution to Hostile Environments

On average, corrosion costs the United States an unprecedented one trillion dollars a year. Climax Metal Products can help evade that cost by offering a line of shaft collars specifically targeted for this problem. Our Corrosion Resistant shaft collars are ideal for use in hostile environments where frequent wash-downs are common, such as Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Marine, etc. These collars are made from T316 Stainless Steel or made from steel plated in corrosion resistant yellow zinc dichromate.

For more information on our complete line of corrosion resistant shaft collars, contact Climax at 800-542-6552 and ask how we can help.

For a printable version of this Industry Application click here:  Corrosion Resistant Shaft Collars

Productivity Solutions for Food Processing

Climax C600 Series Keyless Rigid Couplings provide a superior cost-effective method to mount motors and gearboxes over traditional approaches in food processing applications.

Traditional methods to mount hydraulic motors and/or gearboxes require expensive motor mounts and rely on flexible couplings. Failure to properly align shafts in these applications can lead to premature coupling failure, and consequent downtime. Additionally, misalignment can lead to hydraulic motor leaks and bearing failures due to inordinate facial loads on the motor bearings.

Even when these components are properly aligned these connections are subjected to outside elements that can affect alignment. Climax keyless rigid couplings are easy to install with simple hand tools, eliminating the need for brackets and expensive structure to support the motor, as well as installation misalignment. They contain no flexible elements saving maintenance costs and subsequent downtime. Torque mounting ensures that shafts are in perfect alignment, and C600s provide high torque Continue reading “Productivity Solutions for Food Processing”

About Us

About Us

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