What is the operating temperature range for shaft collars & rigid couplings?

Climax shaft collars and couplings can be used in applications over a wide range of operating temperatures. The table below lists these ambient operating temperature ranges for our shaft collars and rigid couplings based on material.

STEEL – High Strength, Low Carbon Steel-40350
STAINLESS STEEL – Type 303 / Type 316-40350
ALUMINUM – Type 6061 – T651 or equivalent-40225
ACETAL – Delrin-10185

Note that the numbers listed in the table are ambient temperatures and are not applicable when the part is directly exposed to a heat source.  These values are ‘typical’ operating temperature ranges and are not a guarantee under all conditions. They are meant to be a guide and must be evaluated by the customer based on individual application. For applications where the shaft collar and/or rigid coupling would be subjected to temperatures outside the ambient operating temperature range presented above, please contact a Climax applications engineer.   

What is the Proper Technique for Opening the Bore on a Re-Machinable Coupling?

Climax R2CC-Series Re-Machinable Two-Piece Clamping Couplings are a supplied with an undersized pilot bore. These unique couplings allow the user room to re-bore the ID without damaging the clamp screws. The ID can be safely opened to the maximum bore size listed in the product table indicated as the Max Bore.

When opening the R2CC-Series bore:

1. Start by inserting a shim in the saw cuts on both sides of the coupling as illustrated . Shim thickness is provided in the chart below.


2. Tighten the clamp screws so that the coupling clamps down on the shims.

3. The coupling bore is then machined with the installation screws tightened and the shims on both sides holding the two halves of the coupling apart.

For a printable version of these instructions, please click here: R2CC Proper Re-machining Instructions.

What is the Significance of a Key?

The key is a machine element used to connect rotating power transmission components.  This illustration depicts common components of a keyed joint. The keyseat is the slot cut in the shaft to accommodate the key, while the corresponding slot in the component to be mounted on the shaft is called the keyway.

At its most basic explanation, the key fits into the keyseat and the keyway and is used to transfer torque from the shaft to the mounted component. Climax offers shaft collars and rigid couplings in both set screw and clamping designs that will fit a variety shaft sizes. Cataloged collars and couplings are provided with parallel keyways.

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About Us

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