Rigid Couplings: Application Training

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View the following presentation outlining the different rigid coupling types, materials used, and applications rigid couplings are commonly found in.

What is a Rigid Coupling?

Shaft Couplings serve as components to time, join, or align shafts at lower speeds and torque, especially when zero backlash is desired. They are not intended for use as a critical part of a drive line or as a substitute for flexible or universal joints or other power transmission devices. Rigid couplings are designed for aligned shafts only, and are the most basic but often the most cost-effective coupling.

For more information check out the following: Rigid Couplings Infographic:

What type of rigid coupling does Climax manufacture?

Climax manufactures rigid set screw couplings and rigid clamping couplings. We also offer customized dimensions, specialized plating and manufacture from a variety of materials.

Set Screw Couplings are secured to the shaft by set screws that impinge upon the shaft. Set screw couplings are also available with a keyway for keyed shafts.

Clamp Couplings are designed in a one-piece and Continue reading “What type of rigid coupling does Climax manufacture?”

Why is a cross-cut on a coupling important?

A cross-cut is a lateral cut made halfway through the coupling. It is added to our one-piece and two-piece clamping couplings only. Similar to a relief cut, the cross-cut allows more tolerance for slightly misaligned or different size shafts. The cross-cut will help the rigid coupling clamp more securely and transmit power more efficiently even with these slight variations.

What is a shaft tolerance?

Shaft tolerance is the amount of allowable difference between the size of collar or coupling and the size of the shaft that will still allow the component to function. Ideally, a ¾” collar will be used on a ¾” inch nominal shaft. The closer to nominal the better – if the difference is too great, the collar may not even clamp. A difference of even ½ millimeter is quite high. Climax bore tolerances can be found in our catalog and online.

What is torque capacity?

This is a very commonly asked question, and it depends on each individual application. For a collar, the key figure is the axial load of the collar, and for a coupling it is how much torque it can transmit. Consult our technical data sheet for typical maximum values for axial load and torque data. Please note the data presented are based on limited test results and are not a guarantee of minimum or maximum values under all conditions. These values are only a guide, and must be evaluated by customers based on individual application.

What is the operating temperature range for shaft collars & rigid couplings?

Climax shaft collars and couplings can be used in applications over a wide range of operating temperatures. The table below lists these ambient operating temperature ranges for our shaft collars and rigid couplings based on material.

STEEL – High Strength, Low Carbon Steel-40350
STAINLESS STEEL – Type 303 / Type 316-40350
ALUMINUM – Type 6061 – T651 or equivalent-40225
ACETAL – Delrin-10185

Note that the numbers listed in the table are ambient temperatures and are not applicable when the part is directly exposed to a heat source.  These values are ‘typical’ operating temperature ranges and are not a guarantee under all conditions. They are meant to be a guide and must be evaluated by the customer based on individual application. For applications where the shaft collar and/or rigid coupling would be subjected to temperatures outside the ambient operating temperature range presented above, please contact a Climax applications engineer.   

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