What purpose does a sanding drum serve?

The sole purpose of an abrasive sanding drum is to mount an abrasive sanding sleeve. The rubber drum expands to hold the sanding sleeve in place. Sleeves are secured on the drum by controlled expansion of the solid rubber drum spindle. The rubber provides a cushioned backing to assure a smooth, even finish especially when finishing items with curves or contours.

How does a sanding drum work?

Rubber expansion sanding drums are driven by a direct connection to an electric motor; either stationary or hand-held. The rubber on the sanding drum is controlled by tightening or loosening a portion of the drum. In screw lock or nut lock designs, a slotted screw or hex nut controls the expansion. In quick lock designs, expansion is controlled without the use of tools by simply twisting the rubber spindle by hand. When a sanding drum must be directly mounted onto a shaft, specialty drums incorporate the use of internal bore threads or include set screws in the design so that the drum may be secured directly onto a threaded or smooth shaft. Direct shaft mounted drums are ideal for grinders, flexible shafts & bench mandrels.

What is the best way to store abrasive sanding sleeves?

It is important to keep in mind that the performances of sanding sleeves are dramatically influenced by temperature and humidity. In order to maximize the shelf life of Climax abrasive sanding sleeves humidity and temperature fluctuations need to be kept to a minimum. Storage should be between 60-80°F and should be used within six months of purchase.

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