A Solution to Simplify Maintenance in Traditional Stamping Presses

Climax Keyless Locking Devices eliminate the use of keyed shafts required when mounting bull gears in mechanical steel stamping presses, providing a shaft-to-bore connection that is reliable, increased durability, and supplies infinite timing capability.

Bull gears are widely used in traditional stamping presses. After some time the bore of these bull gears will wear out and require maintenance. The typical maintenance approach is often lengthy and consequently affects production and profitability to the manufacturing facility. This process includes welding the bores to enable the plant to machine them back to the required shaft size and finally add a keyway.

In addition, the keyed shafting will oftentimes need to be repaired or replaced which can be difficult and time consuming. Climax provides an exceptional solution that eliminates the need for keyed shafts. Our keyless locking assemblies can be placed in the bore of the bull gear, to lock it to the shaft and provide the necessary torque capacity, while increasing durability, as well as supply infinite timing capability.

This keyless solution simplifies the machining required, allows for timing, and provides for infinite service life. When maintenance is required, Continue reading “A Solution to Simplify Maintenance in Traditional Stamping Presses”

Large Bore Couplings Provide Solution for Line Shaft Timber Applications

Large Bore Couplings Popular for Sawmills:
Bore Sizes 1-15/16”, 2-7/16”, 2-15/16”, 3-7/16”, 3 15/16”, 4 7/16”

Climax large bore shaft couplings provide a higher strength alternative over antiquated traditional approaches in timbering applications while transmitting higher loads necessary for line shafts.

From initial harvesting to final product, machinery used in forestry (sawmill) applications is constantly subjected to some of the harshest environments and strenuous loads for which an engineer can design.

The true workhorse of the coupling family, rigid couplings can be used in many line shaft applications in the timber industry.

Climax’s state of the art facility, located in Mentor, Ohio, manufactures couplings with up to a 5” bore, with the capability to go larger depending on the application. Climax also offers Continue reading “Large Bore Couplings Provide Solution for Line Shaft Timber Applications”

Climax Provides Products for the Construction Industry

Rear quarter view of a tractor trailer dump truck.

PROBLEM:  Harsh outdoor environments can lead to premature failure of low speed, light duty bearings.

SOLUTION:  Choose Climax ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) self-lubricating bearings with stainless steel housings for tough environments. Great for hand operated levers and cranks found on trailer and other construction equipment.

Shaft Collars: Application Training

Want to learn a little more about Shaft Collars?

View the following presentation outlining the different shaft collar types, materials used, and applications shaft collars are commonly found in.

Rigid Couplings: Application Training

Want to learn a little more about Rigid Couplings?

View the following presentation outlining the different rigid coupling types, materials used, and applications rigid couplings are commonly found in.

What is a Rigid Coupling?

Shaft Couplings serve as components to time, join, or align shafts at lower speeds and torque, especially when zero backlash is desired. They are not intended for use as a critical part of a drive line or as a substitute for flexible or universal joints or other power transmission devices. Rigid couplings are designed for aligned shafts only, and are the most basic but often the most cost-effective coupling.

For more information on types of rigid couplings, check out the following infographic:

What is a Shaft Collar?

Shaft collars have extremely diverse applications. Shaft collars are used on applications from holding up a flag on a flag pole, to positioning devices on medical equipment to the more common industrial applications of holding other shaft components such as bearings, sprockets and pulleys in place. In general, shaft collar applications fall into one of three broad categories:  Continue reading “What is a Shaft Collar?”

Keyless Locking Devices: Application Training

Want to learn a little more about Keyless Locking Devices?

View the following presentation outlining what a Keyless Locking Device is, how it works, and how a KLD can provide the solution for your toughest problem.

Abrasive Hardware: Application Training

Want to learn a little more about Abrasives & Abrasive Hardware?

View the following presentation outlining the different types of abrasive hardware, materials used, and applications where abrasives are commonly used.

KLD Installation & Removal Instructions – Printable Versions

Climax KLDs are packaged with Installation & Removal Instructions but sometimes those instructions are misplaced. The links below provide a printable version for your use. For additional KLD questions, contact us at 1-800-542-6552 and ask to speak with a KLD Specialist.

C192-Series Locking Assembly

C193-Series Locking Assembly

C133-Series  or C123-Series Locking Assembly

C200-Series Locking Assembly

C170-Series Locking Assembly

C405-Series Locking Assembly

C415-Series Locking Assembly

C425-Series Locking Assembly

C801-Series Locking Assembly

C733-Series or C732-Series Shrink Disc

C600-Series Keyless Rigid Coupling

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About Us

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