Product Guide

Shaft Collars

One-Piece Clamping Collars

One-Piece Clamping Collar 1C-Series
One-Piece Clamping Collar Recessed Screw H1C-Series
Metric One-Piece Clamping Collar M1C-Series
End-Stop Collar ESC-Series


Two-Piece Clamping Collars

Two-Piece Clamping Collar 2C-Series
Two-Piece Clamping Collar with Keyway 2C-KW-Series

Two-Piece Clamping Collar Recessed Screw H2C-Series
Metric Two-Piece Clamping Collar M2C-Series
Corrosion Resistant Two-Piece Clamping Collar CR2C-Series
Acetal Two-Piece Clamping Collar N2C-Series
Two-Piece Clamping Collar Double Wide D2C-Series


Threaded Clamping Collars

One-Piece Threaded Clamping Collar ISTC-Series 
One-Piece Threaded Clamping Collar Recessed Screw TC-Series


Set Screw Collars

Set Screw Collar C-Series
Set Screw Collar with Keyway C-KW-Series 
Two-Hole Set Screw Collar C-2H-Series   
Lightweight Set Screw Collar LC-Series 
Metric Set Screw Collar MC-Series 
Acetal Set Screw Collar NC-Series 
Corrosion Resistant Set Screw Collar CRC-Series 
Drill Kit #100

Rigid Couplings


One-Piece Clamping Couplings

One-Piece Industry Standard Clamping Coupling ISCC-Series 
One-Piece Clamping Coupling Recessed Screw CC-Series 
Metric One-Piece Industry Standard Clamping Coupling MISCC-Series 


Two-Piece Clamping Couplings

Two-Piece Industry Standard Clamping Coupling 2ISCC-Series 
Two-Piece Clamping Coupling Recessed Screw 2CC-Series 
Metric Two-Piece Industry Standard Clamping Coupling 2MISCC-Series 
Re-Machinable Coupling R2CC-Series


Set Screw Couplings

Set Screw Coupling RC-Series 
Set Screw Coupling RC4H-Series 
Metric Set Screw Coupling MRC-Series 
Metric Set Screw Coupling MRC4H-Series 


Shaft Adapters

Step Down Clamp-on Adapters SDA-Series
Step Up Clamp-on Adapters SUA-Series

Keyless Locking Devices


Locking Assemblies

Series C192 Locking Assembly
Series C193 Locking Assembly
Series C133 Locking Assembly
Series C123 Locking Assembly
Series C200 Locking Assembly
Series C170 Locking Assembly
Series C405 Locking Assembly

Series C415 Locking Assembly
Series C425 Locking Assembly


Shrink Discs

Series C733 Shrink Discs - Standard Duty

Series C733 Split & Half Shrink Discs - Standard Duty

Series C732 Shrink Discs - Heavy Duty
Series C732 Split & Half Shrink Discs - Heavy Duty


Keyless Rigid Couplings

Series C600 Keyless Rigid Couplings

Clesco Mounted Bearings


Pillow Block Bearings

Flange Mount Bearings
Sleeve Bearings
Bearing Kits



Clesco Abrasive Hardware


Drill Centers & Kit for Dowel & Tenon
Sanding Drums

Sanding Drum Kits

Sanding Sleeves


Specials - Custom Collars and Couplings


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