Keyless Rigid Couplings

    Climax Metal Products Company stocks a complete line of shaft-to-shaft Keyless Rigid Couplings for shaft diameters ranging from 5/8" through 4-¼" and from 6 mm through 150 mm. CLIMAX Keyless Rigid Couplings provide high torque and bending moment capacity and can be supplied to couple unequal shaft diameters.

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Keyless Locking Devices - Keyless Rigid Couplings
Ringeder Keyless Locking Rigid Couplings Series C600 Keyless Rigid Couplings
  • Cost effective shaft-to-shaft keyless coupling
  • High torque and bending moment capacity
  • Preferred solution for torque-arm mounted hydraulic drives
  • Available with stepped bore upon request


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