Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Rigid Couplings.

What types of rigid couplings does Climax manufacture?

Climax manufactures rigid set screw couplings and rigid clamping couplings. We also offer customized dimensions, specialized plating and manufacture from a variety of materials.


Set Screw Couplings are secured to the shaft by set screws that impinge upon the shaft. Set screw couplings are also available with a keyway for keyed shafts.


Clamping Couplings are designed in a one-piece and two-piece style. They provide additional holding power over set screw couplings and do not mar the shaft.


One-Piece Clamping Couplings are designed with four tangential screws that when tightened grip the shaft without marring it. Recessed screw styles of one-piece clamp couplings provide safety with an outside surface free of major projections. One-piece clamp couplings can be manufactured with a keyway for keyed shafts.


Two-Piece Clamping Couplings are designed with eight tangential screws to handle applications that require greater axial load capacity than set screw and one-piece clamping couplings. A two-piece clamp coupling can be installed without any major disassembly of the other components on the shaft. Recessed screw styles of the two-piece clamping coupling provide safety with an outside surface free of major projections. Two-piece clamping couplings can be manufactured with a keyway for keyed shafts.


Re-Machinable Couplings are two-piece clamp couplings with an undersized bore allowing the customer the necessary clearance to re-machine the bore without damaging the existing clamp screws. The pilot bore can be safely enlarged to the nominal bore size reflected in the part number nomenclature. These split couplings allow for customization and limit downtime.


Step-Down and Step-Up Shaft Adapters allow for repairing, altering, extending, increasing or decreasing the current shaft. Step-Down Adapters provide a step from a larger current shaft to a smaller one. Step-Up Adapters couple a smaller shaft and extend to a larger one. These shaft adapters are easily installed and compatible with all standard round shafts.


What are materials are used in manufacturing Climax couplings?


Steel Couplings are the most commonly used and manufactured. The exact type of steel used varies depending on the machine process but generally low-carbon steel is used, including materials such as 12L14, 1215, and 1026.


Stainless Steel Couplings are used primarily in applications where component wash down is frequent such as food processing, pharmaceutical or marine applications. Climax manufactures with Austenitic Type 303 stainless steel that meets FDA guidelines.


Aluminum Couplings are lighter, have the non-magnetic properties of aluminum desirable for many applications, and have a bright gleaming finish that is highly suitable for applications with high visibility.

Climax does not manufacture with powdered or sintered steel because it makes a poor quality collar and cannot be welded. In sintered set screw collars, the threads tend to be weak and not uniform in performance.

What finishes does Climax offer?


Black Oxide finish on our steel couplings is formulated as part of the total performance of the coupling. The black oxide affects the anti-stick-slip characteristics and helps keep the torque rating of the screw within its design parameters. The black oxide has corrosion resistant properties for indoor environmental applications. However, black oxide is not intended as an outside weather protective finish. Other advantages to a black oxide finish include dimensional uniformity with negligible thickness and no flaking or chipping.


Zinc plating provides corrosion resistance in indoor environmental applications and has a "shiny silver" appearance for product appeal. Special zinc-plating, often associated with different colorings, such as yellow-zinc dichromate or black zinc plating, can be applied to greatly increase corrosion resistance.


Climax offers other special finishes to meet required needs. Special finishes include anodizing on aluminum couplings and special zinc-plating with greater corrosion resistance. Contact customer service for complete information on Climax's special finishes.


What are Climax’s Terms & Conditions?

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